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Raonic v. Federer Redux… Again

Roger Federer defeated Florian Mayer earlier today in straight sets in Halle, Germany. This means that he will face Milos Raonic in the third round tomorrow.

This will be their third meeting and the first to be played on grass. Raonic has lost to Federer twice this year in tight three set matches in Madrid and Indian Wells. They will be the third match up on Centre Court on Friday, and Sportsnet ONE will have live coverage:

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  1. Milos , you have to intimidate Roger. Practice your volley and come into net and crush him! Good luck at Wimbledon!

  2. One thing that I noticed this week is that Milos is very strong mentally. He took it to 3 sets against Fed while playing poorly throughout the match and the week.

    In his first match, he didn’t really wake up until after Petzschner gifted him the first set when it was 5-5. After that, he started to get into the match more. I also saw that he had a couple of emotional outbursts during that match; first off, he missed a forehand and mouthed “… nothing” afterward and then those smashes he delivered which surprised Blanco were more of frustration than anything else. He had a few good shots that weren’t either an ace, unreturnable or forehand winner here. I even saw him dropshot volley Petzschner for a clean winner.

    2nd round, Milos wasn’t great but didn’t have to be against Zhang because Zhang was awful.

    He really didn’t have anything going in the Federer match except his serve. It was surprising that he could keep up his serving prowess after his forehand deserted him. He played some good points but his forehand wasn’t there for most of the contest and he dumped his volleys into the net or handed it right back to Federer. But I would attribute those errors to the fast court.

    He should do much better at Wimbledon where the courts are slower.

    • I wonder if Milos, for lack of experience, is not a little slow to adapt from a surface to another (Monte Carlo after Miami, Roma after Madrid, Halle after French Open) ? Basically I really think his game is suited to fast courts but it seems to me he was a little frightened rushing to the net vs Federer !

      • Who wouldn’t be a little frightened by seeing the 16-time major champ on the opposite side of the net? Well, besides Nadal or Djokovic…

  3. What a measuring stick for Milos heading into Wimbledon.Federer 3rd set tiebraker.Must be dissapointing for Milos and his competitive nature but in comparing his games against Federer not to many other players have taken him the distance on both clay and grass.Now there is a statistic to look up.
    Anyways go Miolos-You are destined for greatness in this sport.

    Loyal Fan Tom Sr

  4. A comment I saw on Federer’s tactics against Milos : “This is the sort of tactics that Federer does well to employ against big, powerful guys who don’t move as fast, lot’s of short slices, deep slices, chipping, offspeed, varying the serve, pulling them out of the court with good angles crosscourt…”
    I would add that Federer has to get his best tennis vs Milos. Now, Milos is so close, he will turn things the other way round soon. It must be an impetus to work even harder. Go Milos !

    • That’s a good strategy for beating Milos, if you’ve got the all-court game like Federer. I think if Milos was slightly more consistent on his power forehand (and a little more penetrating backhand), he can limit his opponents’ options for hitting those varied shots. But it’s obviously hard to rely on the power game without making too many errors, and it probably isn’t something he’d want to have to rely on for most matches.

  5. As usual, thanks very much for the information about airing on Sportsnet, thanks to which we were able to see the match this morning. Disappointing result, but really “no harm” for Milos, since his points would be non-countable anyway. Another master tennis lesson from Roger, and good warmup for Wimbledon, where Milos does have 45 points to defend.

    • From what I saw (2rd and 3rd sets), some points were really good for Milos and the score was so close ! However his returns, especially on Federer’s first serves, were a little deficient. Something really to work I would think. It is obvious Milos is much more at ease on grass than on clay. I hope he gets a good draw at Wimbledon.

    • Not much separating Milos and Roger in this match, just like their previous meetings: A sloppy service game here, and few bad points in a tiebreak there, and the match could have gone Raonic’s way. It ain’t easy to beat Mr. Federer on grass!

      Hoping for a friendly draw at Wimbledon and then the Olympics!

      • Eh, multiformous, waiting for your report ! They are always interesting ! Our Milos is still a bit nervous finishing a match. Love him though !

        • Hey Robert, nous avons été trop occupé pour faire beaucoup pendent les derneiers semaines. What I would like to do is make it more of a community site, maybe more dicussions on certain topics, instead of centered around news and blog entries and any discussion just in the commentary on those… I would also like to open up the ability for others to post, as sometimes they have good thoughts, links, or media to share but can only add a comment instead of a proper post. Any ideas, let me know!

          • Perhaps a way to move in that direction would be for you to look out for comments that you think should be posts, and just “upgrade” them — move them from comment to post. You could also pick three or four short comments (eg. with links) from different people, and combine them in a post. If you (or we!) have ideas for different ideas for topics, those could be posted as questions to stimulate responses. You could also email directly to people, with suggestions or requests for posting. I would guess that Robert, for example, might sometimes be able to see a match that in Canada we can only follow by Live Scores. By the way Robert, is it true that you have had your picture taken with Milos? Can you post a link?

          • Tomaso, I’ve never had a chance to get a photo with Milos ! Besides, my only means to watch Milos is through the net.
            Now I love Milos, his style of tennis, his behaviour on court (as Tomaso once pointed out), his admiration for Sampras, and the guy he seems to be (loving his family, his country, wanting to help, devoted to tennis from the age of 7, coming from Montenegro, all I may know about him, that is).

            What I look for here :
            1- knowing we all support Milos from various countries and are happy to see him get better and better;
            2-having a good comment on a match I don’t always have the opportunity to watch on the net;
            3-have some information, news and comments on Milos I can’t find elsewhere.

            I would like Milos to know the support he gets from us, both in success as in setbacks. Why not, have a private interview of Milos one day.

            I must say, forgive me, I’m less interested by other Canadian players, but I fully respect it is Canada fans blog. On other players, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be always of the same opinion, as showed with Nadal, and it doesn’t seem to be the purpose of the blog just now, does it.

            I hope I answered your question. May I add that when I posted my first comment, there were almost no comments on the blog. It has increased somewhat … It seems to me the blog has an interest. I love coming here and follow what you all have to say (wacb -tks for French-, multiformous, Tomaso, Tom, Mich, …) on my most favoured tennis player !

    • I agree with the “no harm” part, in fact I’m sure it was a great warm-up for the big time in Wimbledon, and who better to warm up against than Roger Federer!?

      It’s no coincedence that their matches are close and go to 3 sets and usually involve tie-breakers… It’s the same scenario when Federer takes on someone like Karlovic, but I really do think Milos is different, he has other parts of his game that he is able to exploit and is improving on all the time. This seperates him from other players who are able to just exploit the physics of being really tall with long arms!

      P.S.: I’m kind of disappointed that Milos tweets from an iPhone now, apparently ditching his Blackberry. Perhaps he wouldn’t “pocket tweet” as much if he had a better hand-held!

      • Yes, it is closer and closer. The time not far when Milos will beat Roger. As Milos says, “one set is not enough” ! I agree Federer is the best possible master class for Milos. From the big three, he is the one whose style of play can be the most helpfull. I’d like a great victory for Milos on grass, just to give him more confidence !

  6. I wonder if they’ll also air it online here:

    haven’t seen anything on there since Chennai.

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