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“Novak and Stan teach the women a lesson in humility” – Article from The West Australian

This article is great. The reason we all like Bouchard and Ivanovic is because they're nice. They don't seem like they're bullies or were "mean girls" in high school. Something tells me many at the top of the women's game are taking it too seriously.

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<< From The West Australian 2014-01-22

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  1. I find it simply amazing that 3 Canadians are in the top 25 tennis players in the world.
    Hopefully many more to follow.
    Once you see it can be done then a winning attitude is a by product of that confidence.
    We are witnessing that process now.

  2. And another great display of heart and sportsmanship at the Final from Rafa, who knew it was over by the second set, but played the match out, through his pain, in front of a crowd that understood only too late; all for the sake of that crowd and for Stan who “deserved to win by match point, not a handshake”.

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