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Milos’ Olympics are over… but not without a fight!

Tsonga outlasts Raonic in record-setting second-round match

What an amazing end to Milos' second round match with Joe Wilfred Tsonga.  Both players showed immense skill, determination, and endurance.  Both player's had an excellent attitude throughout the marathon match and their smiles at the end showed just how enjoyable it was for them.

Apparently it wasn't the longest match in Olympic history, as CTV tweeted that their research dept found that a match in 1920 lasted over 6 hours.  It was the most games in a set though, with the third set going the distance.  Final:  3-6, 6-3, 23-25.

Many commentators, bloggers, commentors on blogs, etc. have been saying that Milos needs more experience in long, 5-set matches; that he needs more rallies in competition versus top-10 playersl; and, that he needs more time playing on grass, in order to unleash his obviously potential on this surface.  Well it looks like that's not a problem anymore!

Bravo Milos, good job.  You've made Canada proud!  Congrats on an amazing match that us Canadian Tennis fans won't forget (and there's always 4 years from now- can't wait)!


P.S. As I didn't get to watch the entire match, I'd be interested to hear comments from you all out there.  I'll "feature" the good ones in updates to this post.

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WOW…. still going!

I'm able to watch the end of the Tsonga/Raonic match...  it's already the longest in Olympic history.  Still on serve in the third, 20 games to 20...  Watch online here:


P.S. Sorry about being absent, I've moved my family and my job due to a new job.  I now live in Ottawa (a further drive from the Rogers up)!

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