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Milos Raonic named Sportsnet’s Athlete of the Year

Milos' comments from the article:

"A lot of it came from my parents—having that expected from me, whether it be in tennis or at school. I remember I would come home with a low-90s, high-80s mark and my parents would say, “We want better.” I was always a little timid about it, but the moment when I said, “Okay, I can really do this,” was when I decided to go pro in 2008. That was a week before I was supposed to show up to university—I had signed a letter of intent to go to the University of Virginia—but I said, “No, I’m going to go the pro route.” And even then, the goals and objectives were very different from what they are now. Now it’s about being the best in the world, whereas in 2008, I would’ve been happier with much [less]."

"There are two moments that I would say are the best moments for me this year. Most of it happened on home soil in Canada, and every match I played there [I was wearing a maple leaf]. That was the Davis Cup and the Masters in Montreal. To have those moments, especially in Montreal, that had more significance because I was struggling—that’s when I got it back together and started finding the answers within myself."

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Vote for Milos: Canadian Athlete of the Year 2013

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Here's a reasonably balanced review of Milos' 2013 season, including a few bits that might be worth discussing with his coach:

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Milos Raonic: first-ever Canadian to crack top-ten, led our Canadian Davis Cup team to the Semi-Finals for the first time.

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Milos with Filip Peliwo at the World Tour Finals, London

Milos named Tennis Canada Male Player of the Year 2013

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Photo:  Austin Nunn via Twitter


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