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What’s next?

Hey everyone,

Milos Raonic has made it to number 4 in the ATP rankings and there's a swirl of marketing, news, and media in general that follows him around. His status and accomplishments are well managed and published. We all hope for a great recovery from injury and that he's ready for Roland-Garros.

The old purpose for this website, digging pictures out of personal Flickr accounts (released under appropriate CC licenses) and scouring for articles and results from around the web and offering context is now more effectively performed by professionals with more resources on their hands due to Milos' popularity.

What's next for and

I have considered building something a little different, something in a niche that would be useful, fun, or different from some of the more profitable things going on in the media. Maybe a small social network of Milos' biggest fans where they can get to know each other? Perhaps an open forum where information and opinions can be gathered and community populated/moderated?

I don't want to sell the domain name to someone who would just use it to fake an official site or make a site of ads or auction it or something. Building the blog in the first place was a fun learning experience and I'm willing to keep it going.

I'm looking for ideas!

Let me know what you think, what should this web address be? Are there any examples from around the web that you think could work for Milos' fans? Please post a comment on this post or contact me privately via the contact form.

Thank you!

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