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Versus Ferrer Tonight (…and another headline)

Raonic's next test is the afternoon of Day 8 against 7th ranked David Ferrer, who ousted Richard Berankis in a 6-2, 6-2, 6-1 in the third round.  Unfortunately, the Raonic - Ferrer match is the last match of the afternoon session, which means it probably won't begin until 1:30pm in Melbourne at the earliest (which is 10:30pm in Nova Scotia and 9:30pm Eastern Time).  This isn't the best of news for those of us in Eastern North America that have to work in the morning.

The best way to catch the match in entirety is to stream it live at, there are less commercials and no switching back and forth between other games.  There are normally three streams available (HiSense Arena, Margaret Court Arena, and Rod Laver Arena).  Raonic will be playing in HiSense Arena so make sure you choose that stream.  Follow this link to Tennis, and then the link should be on the furthest-right column on the page:

Also, here's the current headline on Headline - 22 Jan 2011

Good Luck!



In the Headlines…

So, here we are.  Canadians everywhere are excited about and proud of our new hope for Men's Singles Tennis greatness, and roughly 1o minutes after Milos' 6-4, 7-5, 4-6, 6-4 win over Mikhail Youzhny at the Aussie Open finished streaming from last night, this is the headline and picture they posted on their tennis page: Headline - 21 Jan 2011

By the next day, Milos Raonic was still on top of the tennis headlines - but by Saturday afternoon (22 Jan) there was a better picture accompanying it: Headline - 22 Jan 2011

There's no doubt that this is the beginning of a big year for Milos, his steadfast composure and consistent, lightning-fast serves are making waves at the Australian Open and he shows no signs of stopping yet...

Good luck Milos !!