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What makes you Run Better?

What makes you Run Better?

Apparently, Maple Syrup makes Milos run better! (image from the contest's Facebook page)

SAP Sponsorships has shared a pretty wicked contest with us where fans of Milos Raonic and Andy Roddick can enter to win signed tennis merchendise.  To enter to win the signed tennis gear, you just need to let them know what makes you "Run Better".  You can see full contest details and let them know what makes you "Run Better" in one of the following ways:

SAP Sponsors' contest page on Facebook:!/SAPSponsorships/app_95936962634

... or, via the Sony Ericsson Open Mobile App, created by SAP:

I hope some of our readers are lucky enough to win!  The contests' page says it's running until Sunday, April 1st, and that the winners will be announced on Monday, April 2nd.  Unfortunately for Milos' Canadian fans, this one is for US residents only, probably because it's associated with the SE Open in Miami.

Thanks to SAP Sponsors for sharing!  Be sure to follow SAP Sponsors on Twitter, like SAP Sponsors on Facebook, or visit the SAP Sponsorships website.


P.S. :   SAP Sponsors has been kind to us at the blog by providing some media for our use and by keeping us up to date on  "SAP Ambassador" Milos Raonic.  I'll ask if it's possible to make the next contest open to Canadians, but I don't know enough about all this stuff to know if that's feasible or not so no promises!

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