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Federer bests Raonic in three sets

Roger Federer came back from one set down to defeat Milos Raonic in the 3rd round of the BNP Paribas Open, 6(4)-7 6-2 6-4.

This was a highly anticipated match and it certainly didn't disappoint. Both Milos and Roger were on cruise control during the first set, each playing holding serve without much difficulty. Federer suffered only the slightest hiccup on his serve facing the only break point of the set. Raonic was finally able to gain the advantage in the tiebreak and successfully served out the set after getting the single minibreak.

The start of the second set saw Raonic get off to a slow start. Federer began to open up just as the effectiveness of Milos' first serve dropped off the map. From this point on, Raonic was forced to play catch-up to the great Mr. Federer who broke Milos twice during the second set. While Raonic was able to steady himself to start the third, it wasn't long before Federer would take the lead yet again. It may not have amounted to much but when Federer was serving for the match at 0-15, Raonic decided not to challenge a close call that would have been overturned in his favour. Raonic looked to be building steam for a push to get back on serve, but he let an opportunity slip away by not taking a chance on a challenge late in the match.

Raonic didn't look particularly nervous having to face perhaps the greatest player ever for the first time on a fairly big stage. He was more than able to hold his own against Federer, especially throughout the first set and the early games of the third. But Roger is still Roger. It was a great effort from Milos to push Federer to three sets and it was a real treat to watch. Raonic had his chances, but ultimately wasn't as consistent as his vastly more experienced opponent. Hopefully this isn't the last time that Milos has a crack at Roger. It might have been a different story if this was a best of five set match.

Overall it was a very strong and promising performance from Raonic. Not many players can say they won the first they ever played against Roger Federer. That's kind of a big deal in my books. It's just a shame that this was a third round match and not a quarter or semi-final.

It's a bit of an early exit, but there's another ATP Masters 1000 event just around the corner. Milos is on the players list for the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. Perhaps the draw will be a little more favourable this time.



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  1. Murray instead of Federer ! The Top Four classes keep on ! With a little more chances though. What a brilliant match against Federer (first and last set, especially). I hope Milos will do as well against Murray. Murray sometimes can be nervous. May be a slight opportunity there ? Go Milos !

  2. Just one more step on Milos’ continuing learning curve! Regarding seeding in Miami: given that Milos had 45 points to defend from last year’s Indian Wells, his ranking March 19 (when Miami seeds) will be 27 plus-or-minus two; which means third round he will again face one of the top-eight seeds. Luck of the draw, as they say; another master class, and/or an opportunity to exceed expectations. Hopefully Milos will rank 24 or higher in time for Monte Carlo, April 15, and meet third-round a player ranked 9 to 16, with a much better chance of advancing.

    • Milos is in a tough spot for these 1000 Tournaments given his ranking. But even if he makes it to the third round in Miami this time it’ll be an improvement over last year. He was upset by Devvarman in the second round in 2011. That was a letdown for sure.

      You never know, the draw could open up for Milos this time. Otherwise he’ll have to come up with a big win over a top player in order to go deep in a 1000 tournament. The draws get tough in a hurry, unlike the Majors where there’s a little more breathing room in the early rounds.

      • So… Miami, third round: Murray.

        • Well, unless Murray picks up his game since he’s kind of slumped in the final in Dubai and then first round in Indian Wells, I’d say Milos’ chances are good!

          • Agreed: Plan A for Milos is to beat Murray, which will take him into top-24 in time for Monte Carlo seeding. Plan B would require a little help from his friends: of the four guys currently (03-19) ranked just above Milos, only one (Granollers) has more than par=45 points to drop from Miami; all others are likely to gain (as is Milos). So if everyone performs as expected Milos will probably rise rank, to 25; that may well be enough, if even one player ranked 1 to 24 decides not to play Monte Carlo, which is likely. But it will be interesting to watch for round-two and three upsets in Miami, and how they may affect Milos. Incidentally, congrats to Frank Dancevic, who has qualified, will join Milos in the main draw.

  3. Brilliant first set Milos. Hard to see anything wrong with the way you played.
    Federer started getting a read on your serve and returning well, which must have been a bit unnerving.
    It still must give you a smile to have played one of the worlds best, and fared well.
    Next time, it will be even closer I am sure.

  4. Hi Milos

    Great match Milos.Good for your confidence.
    What you can learn from this match is “To Thine Own Self be True”
    In other words when in a match trust only yourself and your gut instinct.
    Live and die by your own decisions.
    I’m referring to the trust you placed in the ref on two points which were yours.
    Go get em in Miami.

    Your Loyal Fan


  5. Yeah, absolutely thrilling! That first set was amazing tennis from Milos. If he could have kept his 1st serve % up for enough of either the 2nd or 3rd set, we would have a different result!

    He definitely showed he can keep up with the best in the game.

  6. Exactly: Milos was in-there, with the first-set win. Could have gone the other way, but those are the breaks. No way Milos was out-classed here. Yes, too bad this was not a SF or F match, but those days will come, soon enough! Way to go, Milos!

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